RATH's Emergency Communication Cable Offers Connection & Protection In The Most Critical Moments

Our cable can be used in industrial, manufacturing, and commercial locations such as hotels, airports, and stadiums.
This cable can also be used in Area of Refuge Communication Systems
and Emergency Voice-Alarm Communication Smoke and Fire Alarm Systems (EVAC).
RATH® Wire 2 Hour Fire-Rated Cable (UL & LU Standard)RATH® Wire 2 Hour Fire-Rated Cable
2 Hour Fire-Rated Cable (UL & LU)

Single, 2, 3 & 4 Pair Cable
RATH® Wire Power Cable
Power Cable

18-2 Solid Shielded Cable
RATH® Wire Communication Cable
Communication Cable

2 Pair & 4 Pair Solid Shielded Cable

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RATH® Wire Code Requirements: Read applicable IBC/IFC, NFPA and UL Codes
Code Requirements
Read Applicable IBC/IFC,
NFPA and UL Codes
Education and Tech Support
Education & Tech Support
Cable Comparison, Applications & FREE Samples
RATH's Specifiers' Corner: Download Data Sheets and Manuals
Specifiers' Corner
Download Data Sheets
and Manuals